Book: Spice Islands Forts by Simon Pratt

Spice Islands Forts by Simon Pratt

Written by Marco Ramerini. On this page I want to write about an interesting book that has just been published. The book tells the story of the spice islands and focuses on the fortifications that Europeans built on these islands to control their trade. The story narrated in Simon Pratt’s book begins with the first contacts with Europeans and reaches ...

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The Forts of the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Today

Fort Kayu Merah, Ternate, Indonesia. Author and Copyright Simon Pratt

Written by Simon Pratt Forts of the Banda Islands The Banda Islands, reached via Ambon, contain some of the most historic and evocative forts of the old Dutch East Indies. Most impressive is Dutch-built Fort Belgica (constructed 1611) towering over the tiny township of Bandaneira. Following refurbishment in the 1990’s it remains the best preserved of all forts scattered across ...

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Indonesia. List of Dutch colonial forts and possessions

Written by Marco Ramerini Under Costruction… INDONESIA: Batavia: Netherlands: 1619 – Poelo Gontong (Sumatra): Netherlands: ? – 1765 On the tiny island of Poelo Gontong, in east Sumatra, the Company set up a guard post even before the Siak area had been conquered. This military outpost soon acquired a reputation as an unhealthy place with a high percentage of fatalities. ...

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Indonesia. Bibliography of Dutch Colonial History 17th-18th century

Moluccas (1630), Indonesia. Author Willem Janszoon Blaeu. No Copyright

Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. DUTCH EMPIRE: INDONESIA INDONESIA: – Various Authors, “A taste of adventure: the history of spices is the history of trade”, in: “The Economist”, 19 December 1998. – Various Authors, “Forten, Vestingen, Redoutes, Kastelen, Blokhuis”, list of Dutch forts in Indonesia sent to me by Donald F.M. Rugebregt. – Various Authors, ...

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Indonesia, Timor. Bibliography of Portuguese Colonial History 16th-18th century

Map of Indonesia (1780). Author Rigobert Bonne and Guilleme Raynal. No Copyright

Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. PORTUGUESE EMPIRE: INDONESIA, TIMOR INDONESIA, TIMOR: – Various Authors, “Portugis Aceh” ?, in: “Gatra” n° 34, 18 Jul. 1995, Era Media Informasi, Jakarta, Indonesia. pp. 51-64 – Various Authors, “East Flores: the Brotherhood of the Queen of Rosaries. Three and a half centuries of lament and celebration”, Internet article. – ...

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The Portuguese Fort on Solor Island, Indonesia

Ruins of Solor fort, Lohayong, Solor Island, Indonesia. Author and Copyright Mark Schellekens and Greg Wyncoll

Written by Mark Schellekens. Photos by Mark Schellekens and Greg Wyncoll. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. On January 7th I paid a visit to the island of Solor off Flores’ north east coast. My main goal was to have a birdwatching trip on an virtually unknown island combined with a visit to the ruins of the fort. Solor is ...

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The Portuguese on Solor and in the Lesser Sunda Islands

Portuguese Fort, Solor, Indonesia. Author Livro das Plantas das Fortalezas, Cidades e Povoaçoes do Estado da India Oriental 1600s. No Copyright

Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. SOLOR AND THE LESSER SUNDA ISLANDS The early Portuguese contact with these islands was in the years about the 1520s. They frequented these islands mainly to purchase sandalwood. The early traders established only temporary warehouses. They did not build permanent trading posts, farms or fortresses, because this task was left ...

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The Portuguese in the Moluccas: Ternate and Tidore

Moluccas 1714.

Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. TERNATE AND TIDORE The first Portuguese expedition to the Moluccas under the command of António de Abreu arrived in Amboina and on the Banda islands in 1512. After an adventurous voyage he went back to Malacca. Francisco Serrão and other members of this expedition wrecked on a reef off Lucopino ...

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The Spanish Presence in the Moluccas: Ternate and Tidore

Machian and Motir, Moluccas, Indonesia. Author Bellin. No Copyright

Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Geoffrey A. P. Groesbeck The islands formerly known as the Moluccas – the Spice Islands – are five islands of volcanic origin (Ternate, Tidore, Moti, Makian, and Bacan). They are found off of the west coast of the island of Halmahera, in the Indonesian archipelago. These islands were the only ones in ...

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The abortive expedition of Don Juan de Silva against the Dutch in the East Indies (1612-1616)

Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. English translation of a small part of my work entitled “La presenza Spagnola alle Isole Molucche, 1606-1663”. In the propositions of the governor of the Philippines, Don Juan de Silva, a big joint expedition of Spaniards and Portuguese should succeed in getting rid of the Dutch forces present in Indonesian ...

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Ambon: The Portuguese in the Moluccas, Indonesia

Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. Ambon is an island located in the south of the Spice Islands in what is today the Indonesian archipelago. In the year 1569 the Portuguese Gonçalo Pereira Marramaque erected a wooden fort on the northern coast of the Ambon island. In 1572 the fort was moved to the southern side ...

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Tidore: The Spanish forts on the island of Tidore, 1606-1663

Ternate and Tidore, Moluccas (1760), Indonesia. Author Bellin. No Copyright

Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. 4.0 THE SPANISH FORTS ON THE ISLAND OF TIDORE, 1606-1663 As we mentioned earlier, from April 1606 after the conquest by the troops of Acuña of the city of Ternate, the Spaniards had, in the Moluccas, as their main and often the only ally the King of Tidore. They tried for ...

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