Tranquebar: a Danish fort in India

Written by Marco Ramerini.

Tranquebar (Tharangambadi) is a small village in Tamil Nadu in India located on the Coromandel coast about 30 km north of Nagapattinam. Tranquebar has the distinction of have been a Danish colony between 1620 and 1845. The Danes in 1620 founded the Fort Dansborg and made ​​it their main trading settlement along the Indian coast.

Tranquebar (Dansborg castle):

  • Danish: 1620-May 1801
  • English: (May 1801-Aug. 1802)
  • Danish: Aug. 1802-1808
  • English: (1808-20 Sep. 1815)
  • Danish: 20 Sep. 1815-7 Nov. 1845
  • English: (7 Nov. 1845- 1947)


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