Fort2. Author Dirk Holtschlag
Dutch Fort Tangalle. Author Dirk Holtschlag

The Dutch Fort of Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Written by Marco Ramerini. Photos by Dirk Holtschlag.

Tangalle is a small coastal town located a few kilometers east of the city of Matara, in the extreme south of the island of Ceylon. At the time of the Dutch occupation of Ceylon, Tangalle, thanks to its natural harbor, was used by them as an important anchorage. Here, around 1775, the Dutch built a small fort whose remains are still partially visible today. In the same period the Dutch also built a small church. During the British occupation the structure of the fort was heavily modified and was used as a prison. This use has remained unchanged until recently, but now the prison has been closed. I receive from the very kind Dirk Holtschlag some photos of the fort and the nearby church that I gladly publish.

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