Native sections of the walls that have survived. Luanze, Zimbabwe. Author and Copyright Chris Dunbar
Native sections of the walls that have survived. Luanze, Zimbabwe. Author and Copyright Chris Dunbar

Portuguese Forts, Markets (Feira) and Settlements in Zimbabwe

Written by Chris Dunbar

The following is a list of sites that were investigated by the Rhodesian / Zimbabwean Government, no suspected Portuguese sites have been restored (unfortunately) and no more have been added since the first cataloguing was done in the early 1970’s. A number of the historical trading centres and forts have still not been located and further investigation is required in this area. So as follows the site name and the Departments internal National Monuments identification.

PIRINGANI (The Lemon Forest)(Piringani: 16°59′ 48.63″S 30°11′ 27.97″E): Pirigani 1630 CC 5

MASSAPA: (Massapa covers about 4 square km’s and is centred at 16°48′ 08.35″S 31°39′ 01.80″E) Chesa Farm 1631 DC 34 Guzha Farm 1631 DC 38 Guzha Farm 1631 DC 39 Murewa farm 1631 DC 40 Chemapere 1631 DC 41 Bhasikiti 1631 DC 42 Kapfira 1631 DC 43 Mandishora Farm 1631 DC 46

Undetermined require more data: Umfurudzi 1631 DD 17 Umfurudzi 1631 DD 18 Chipunza 1631 DD 19 Muchekayawa 1631 DD 20 Chiweshe 1631 DD 21 Chikohora 1631 DD 22 Zvipfuko 1631 DD 23

ANGWA (ONGOE): Angwa Fort 3 1729 BB 1 Angwa Fort 1 1729 BB 2 Angwa Fort 4 1729 BB 3 Angwa Fort 5 1729 BB 4 Angwa Fort 2 1729 BB 5 Two Tree Hill Estate 1729 BB 19

DAMBARARE: (Dambarare covers about 6 square km’s) Dambarare – Doxford 1730 BD 2 Flowing Bowl Mine 1730 BD 4 Dambarare 1730 BD 18 Dambarare 1730 BD 19 Dambarare 1730 BD 20 Dambarare 1730 BD 21 Dambarare 1730 BD 22 Dambarare 1730 BD 23 Doxford 1730 BD 27 Doxford 1730 BD 32 Pentland Farm 1730 BD 33


LUANZE: Luanze 1732 BA 1

Makaha 1732 BC 1

Maramuca 1829 BB 2

Shigodora (Chipangura) 1932 BA 19

Bocuto un-located suspected to be in the Umfurudzi Wilderness Area

Vumba this site has not been located

Matafuna suspected to be in the Shamva region

Matuka suspected to be in the Odzi region

Urupanda this site has not been located


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